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My love for parenting and baby care apps all started when I was in the hospital with my third child. Nurses were continually coming into our hospital rooms asking, "Did the baby pee or poop?" Then the lactation specialist would come in and ask, "How long did your baby breastfeed for?" Are you kidding me? How was a sleep-deprived mom who just gave birth supposed to remember all of this information? Then a friend told me the good news: There are apps for all that.

Each of the apps on this list is designed to help you through your baby's first year, whether it's keeping track of feedings and diaper changes or providing educational entertainment to stimulate baby's senses. Did we miss an app that you love? Feel free to nominate it here! - Molly Thornberg, Digital Mom

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Little Uzu | $0.99

The Top 25 Baby Care Apps of 2011: Little Uzu



Little Uzu’s Ranking

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While this app isn’t made especially for babies, your little one will adore it nonetheless. Little Uzu is a “kinetic, multi-touch particle visualizer”; that’s geek speak for a very cool animation app that you can control. When you touch multiple areas on your screen, lights will appear to dance in what can only be described as a fireworks-meet-lava-lamp experience. The lights and movements are sure to capture your baby’s attention and stimulate his or her vision. (And if your baby doesn’t enjoy it, chances are you will :)

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