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The overwhelming amount of information online often makes it difficult to find the right answer to simple searches, like "getting baby to sleep." (Don't we all wish we knew the answer to that?) But instead of sifting through thousands of Google search results, head to a Facebook fan page. Companies large and small - from Pull-Ups to personal blogs - create fan pages to present relevant, mentally digestible tidbits of information. We've rounded up the 50 best Facebook fan pages that will ease the load of parenting in almost every way. Among these pages, you'll come across freebies to save money, tips on creating an eco-friendly home, and ways to make your kids listen without nagging them. You're bound to "like" at least one of these - or even all 50! And of course, don't forget to "like" Babble on Facebook while you're at it! --Jeana Lee Tahnk


Top 50 Facebook Fan Pages for Parents: Baby Half Off



Why you’ll “like” it: 50-80% off baby gear – need we say more? Snag mommy necklaces, woombies (blankets that comfortably swaddle your baby), and reusable shopping bags for half or less than half of what you’d normally pay!

What parents talk about: Baby product sites that offer deep discounts and their experiences – good or bad – with products they’ve purchased.

# of likes: 46,357

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16 thoughts on “Top 50 Facebook Fan Pages for Parents 2010

  1. Joe Lazauskas says:

    Such a great list! I’m definitely going to refer every parent in my life to these.

  2. Brennan Pang says:

    Thanks for featuring the fan page. We’re thrilled!

  3. Brandy Gale says:

    The Little Lasso fb fan page is one of the top contenders in this contest and they are CHEATING to get votes to win. I know everyone wants their fb page to win, but cheating shouldnt be allowed. The little lasso is offering, on their fb fan page, a giveaway when they reach 100 votes (The Little Lasso
    OK! GIVEAWAY – I know I’ll get your attention that way! Once we get to 100 votes on the Facebook’s Top Fan Pages we will do a giveaway for a Lasso!! Please click on the link below, scroll down to about #4 and you’ll see us listed as THE LITTLE LASSO. All you have to do is click like on our listing. Once we have 100 people, we’ll do a giveaway. We’ve got lots of new fans out there I know would like a chance to
    Top 50 Facebook Fan Pages for Parents: Best services, steals, conversations and more!
    I think this should disqualify their fb page immediately. And no, Im not a fellow blogger. Just someone who believes in winning honestly.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Little Lasso doesn’t need to cheat. I have their product and LOVE it!

  5. Shelly Walquist Cellak says:

    I’m always trying to navigate the millions of sites out there for parents – this is incredibly useful & helpful! Thanks Babble!

  6. Mamapoekie says:

    Hi! My fanpage is on there (Authentic Parenting) but the link is wrong. Here’s the correct link

  7. Melany Elliott says:

    Hi there.
    Wonderful! So informative!
    Could you explain how the top 50 pages were dtermined? What was the criteria used?

  8. Hernan Mayol says:

    I did not see included. It is a very popular site. A great community focused on parenting support and light-hearted humor. My wife and I are big fans!!!!

  9. Traci LaRosa Suppa says:

    I’m a fan of the Babble page and the Trekaroo page! I also want to point out another fun family travel site which is geared more toward quirky, offbeat travel. The Go BIG or Go Home Travel Blog describes what happens when a small-town family visits the worlds largest whatever!

  10. Janice says:

    I definitely find The Baby Sleep Site page to be a great resource for tired moms and dads. They will answer general questions or point you in the direction of where to find some information for helping your baby or toddler sleep.

  11. Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one!
    It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design.

    Wonderful choice of colors!

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