Top 30 Autism Facebook Fan Pages, 2012

Autism Awareness Month, celebrated every April, offers a chance for the world to stop and consider the gifts and challenges autism can present. But for parents raising a child with an autism spectrum disorder, autism is something to be carefully considered each and every day, all year long. Tracking down the right diagnosis and the best treatments, staying up-to-date on current research, and finding the most effective ways to advocate for your child can feel like a full-time job. And it can be difficult to keep things in perspective and find other parents with whom to swap stories and strategies and find support. That's why more and more parents with children on the spectrum are turning to Facebook fan pages to stay informed about autism and Asperger's and find communities that extend far beyond their own hometowns. This year Babble’s trusted panelists — all parents of kids on the spectrum — have rounded up 30 of the best Facebook pages for families going through similar experiences. We're confident you'll find considerable guidance and support in the pages we've listed here. And if you've discovered another autism-related Facebook page you think your fellow Babble readers might like to know about, please share it here — you may see it on next year’s list! - Amy Reiter

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Asperger’s Awareness Page

Top 30 Autism Facebook Fan Pages - Asperger's Awareness Page



Asperger’s Awareness Page’s Rankings


Why you’ll “like” it: This growing, inclusive Facebook community, founded by a mother whose child was diagnosed with Asperger’s, is all about member participation. The moderator posts nightly discussion topics (often suggested by members), posing questions to which members are encouraged to respond with views, advice, and personal experiences. These open discussions — with topics that invite input from adults, children, parents, family members, and anyone who feels they have something to contribute — have “helped build strong bonds between our members,” the moderator notes. Recent topics include “What do you find comfort in?” “Speech problems: Have you/a loved one had difficulties with speech?” and “How do you feel when in a crowd? How do you cope?”

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  1. Susan Paris says:

    4kidcal & 4kidshare are proud to be embraced by one of the largest organizations supporting autism. They have written the following : Thank you for sharing your apps with us! I have posted both to our apps database, as you can see at the links below:

    I hope these listings point many people in your direction!



    Ali Watters
    Content Manager, Family Services
    Autism Speaks

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