Top 100 Newborn Essentials

What does your baby really need in the first few months? Here at Babble, that's a question we've spent a fair amount of time thinking about. Like you, we've fallen prey to many a baby gear aisle, lured by the promise of some miracle gadget that will make our little one eat or sleep or poop better than any other miracle gadget out there. Like you, we've stared at price tags through sleep-deprived eyes, wondering if the purchase of sanity was really a possibility.

Here's the good and bad news: Nothing you can buy is going to guarantee you a stress-free existence with your newborn. Tiny people are a handful, and even the easiest babies will have some troubled times. That said, there are at least a few things (or 100) that can absolutely make life a little easier. No, we haven't found that diapering robot we thought would have been invented by the time we had kids, but we have learned that having a few things on hand can make every day a little saner, not to mention cleaner. Read on for our all-time favorites.

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Burp cloths

Top 100 Baby Essentials - Burp cloths



Burp cloths

You’ll want several burp cloths on hand for burping, spitting up, and the general messes of feeding a new baby (you never know when one’s going to hit). By several we mean 5-10. Inexpensive cloth diapers work very well as burp cloths too.


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12 thoughts on “Top 100 Newborn Essentials 2011

  1. Amber Rahman says:

    I have this for my daughter,& I have to say I would recomend this to any mother-to-be

  2. Abdul says:

    Yes. I used the pack n play my father csrphaued as a shower gift. The pack n play comes with a bassinet part (basically you can raise the bottom of the play yard up to a certain level so easy to roll over and get the baby when it’s time to nurse or change a diaper) and they come with a change table. It fit perfectly between my side of the bed and the wall not to mention it’s easy to travel with and eventually pack up when it’s time to upgrade to the baby’s own room with a real crib. I had my daughter in hers until she was 6 1/2 months and I was weaning at the time so it made everything easier. She transitioned perfectly into a real crib and her own room. Congrats and best wishes!

  3. Gaye says:

    They usually have a bnesiast portion on play yards that you can use for newborn. Parents AND grand parents use them all the time especially when on vacations.I would probably only use the bnesiast portion until baby gets big enough for crib. I personally felt uncomfortable having my baby sleep in the main portion when he was big enough because there’s some fabric at the bottom under where the mesh begins and I found him napping up next to that one time and decided not to do it again just in case.

  4. Sheena says:

    Fix this list

  5. JR says:

    Why dont these links work?? grr!!

  6. Micah says:

    Very useful list for first time parents with a baby on the way. Having to decide on what to get for your new baby, or listing the things needed is NO EASY task without having a guide.

  7. cassie says:

    thank you

  8. Amy says:

    I read these were discontinused

  9. Yulia says:

    Sleeping sacks are great too. Loose and ineffective swaddling techniques made while using an undersized blanket can generally be kicked off by a wakeful baby. It is important to accomplish a secure swaddle to ensure the blanket does not become loose and the baby remains wrapped during the sleep period. Modern specialized baby sleeping bags are designed to make it easier to swaddle a baby than with traditional square blanket.

  10. Jody T says:

    We liked the portability of the moses basket. We got one at Most of the time our daughter stayed on the floor next to our bed but we could move around as needed.

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