My Baby's Baby Food Comes from a Jar

Confessions of a failed baby food chef.
Confessions of a failed baby food chef.

My fourth and final kid. I thought, “I am going to be super mom and now that you are eating solids, I am totally making all of your baby food.”

And then life happened and I remembered I had three other kids.

After following Roni’s posts on all of the Adventures in Baby Food Making she made for her Little Bean, I was going to be making all of Zeke’s food. How fun — and the other kids could get involved!

We would try making this and that. I could grind up our family dinners in the fancy food processor I bought to make the baby food. Zeke was going to have the most fabulous foods, just baby food-ified.

Yeah, about that. I failed.

Zeke’s baby food now comes from a jar or a bag (I have no idea what they are called but he loves HappyBaby food, you know, those bag thingies).

This like many other things that I hoped to do with my last kid, I’ve sucked up and accepted – that I can’t do it all. More so, I’ve learned – it’s okay. He’ll survive and I’ll do my best to be the best mom I can, to all 4 of my children. Even if it means my baby’s baby food comes from a jar.

Have You Ever Swore You Would Do Something and Then Changed Course with Your Baby?


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