Adventures in Baby Food Making: Avocado "On the Half Shell"


Confession: I’m not the biggest avocado fan. I simply don’t understand people that go gaga over guacamole? It’s green and weird and green.

However, I must admit, after picking one up for Little Bean I may give them another chance. Especially considering I’ll be keeping some in stock now that we added them to our menu…

  • What’s on Special? Avocado? Ok, I’m game. 1 of 14
    What's on Special? Avocado? Ok, I'm game.
  • But first a little appetizer. 2 of 14
    But first a little appetizer.
  • Our Avocado. 3 of 14
    Our Avocado.
    I have no idea what kind it is. If anyone would like to educate me in the comments I'd appreciate it. They had this smooth skin variety at my local store.
  • Cut it in half and remove the seed. 4 of 14
    Cut it in half and remove the seed.
    The trick here is to pop the knife into the seed and then twist. This one fell right out.
  • Mash 5 of 14
    You could remove the flesh but the skin is fairly resilient. I used it as my bowl calling it "Avocado on the half shell." One less bowl to wash is fine my me. :)
  • Taste Test Time! 6 of 14
    Taste Test Time!
    Doesn't he look worried in the background? lol
  • Hmmm 7 of 14
  • Thinking. Thinking. 8 of 14
    Thinking. Thinking.
  • Let me try that again. 9 of 14
    Let me try that again.
  • Yeah, ok, it’s good. 10 of 14
    Yeah, ok, it's good.
  • REALLY good. 11 of 14
    REALLY good.
  • All done! 12 of 14
    All done!
  • Store Leftovers 13 of 14
    Store Leftovers
    Avocados will brown so I decided not to mash and store the second half. Instead I placed it in a ziplock bag, removing as much air as I could. This lasted for 2 days very well in my fridge.
  • What’s up next Mom? 14 of 14
    What's up next Mom?

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