Baby Girl is 8 Mo!


Happy Birthday, Evie-Lou!

This last month you:

• Tasted ice cream (actually, it was just yogurt, frozen.)

• Said “Nana” & “Buh-bye.”

• Tried bread.

• Saw fireworks and a parade.

• Love to sing like Ariel.

• Started sleeping on your side.

• Started attaching to your new blankie.

• Learned to lean forward from a sitting position to tummy.

• Mimic like a pro.

• Became amazing at feeding yourself Cheerios and Graduate Puffs.

• Jump up and down, legs and arms, and start singing with the chorister in church.

• Lean out of others’ arms to have Mommy hold you.

• First started crying when being put to sleep in the crib, realizing you are alone.

• Became partial to full-colored hair. (Cries for the gray-haireds.)

• Became a pro drinking out of a straw.

I love you baby girl. Can’t wait to see what you learn this month.

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