Baby Goes to Cupcake Camp


baby loves cupcakesThe best things in life include a cute baby, charity and cupcakes – right? Last Saturday, we enjoyed all 3  at Cupcake Camp Dallas!

What is Cupcake Cake Dallas?

Cupcake Camp Dallas brings together cupcakes from the top bakeries in the DFW area to a plethora of cupcake lovers for a small admission fee. The money collected is donated to the LEAP foundation.  In 2011, over 5,000 cupcakes were baked, and over $15,000 was raised to help provide medical support to people around the world.

Baby + Cupcakes = Oh My!

  • Cupcake Camp Dallas 1 of 6
    Cupcake Camp Dallas
    Zeke hanging with the siblings - notice how he can't get his eyes off of the cupcakes!
  • The French Fry Cupcake 2 of 6
    The French Fry Cupcake
    Zeke's cupcake was the french fry, chocolate-iced vanilla cupcake. I took this shot and within a click - see next
  • He Grabbed It! 3 of 6
    He Grabbed It!
    This is the next shot - before I could click my camera - he had decided to shove the entire cupcake in his mouth.
  • Success 4 of 6
    Cupcake Camp Dallas was declared a success!
  • Amazing Cupcake Displays 5 of 6
    Amazing Cupcake Displays
    It felt like you were on the set of Cupcake Wars with all of the pretty cupcakes!
  • Jalapeño Candied Cupcakes 6 of 6
    Jalapeño Candied Cupcakes
    Zeke decided to pass on these Texas yummies.

Sorry Zeke, a cupcake every now and then is fine and dandy – but we won’t be making cupcakes part of your daily menu.

If you are a cupcake lover, look out for a Cupcake Camp in your area!

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