Baby Got Cat.


So the baby didn’t technically get a cat, our whole family adopted two adult cats, although we all seem to have our preferences of which one we like best. I went in to look at one cat in particular. He had been at the shelter since early July and had a few physical quirks that most likely made him unappealing to potential adopters.

Specifically, he’s missing an eye, half an ear and he has extra toes.

But guess who doesn’t care what their first pet looks like as long as they’re nice?


So baby’s first pet is a one eyed, half eared, extra toed furball aptly named Wink.

But wait, there’s more.

While I was visiting with Wink at the shelter I didn’t notice that Vivi was making friends of her own from her stroller. One especially handsome cat took to lying across Vivi’s lap as Vivi mauled his ears and kicked at his paws. I’m sorry, but any cat that willingly heads into the arms of a grabby baby and purrs loud enough for the entire shelter to hear?

That’s a cat that wants to go home with us.

The plan was to only get one. But once Cody met friendly cat #2 we knew we were going to be a 2 cat household.

I don’t want to jinx it as it has barely even been 24 hours. But both cats are doing extremely well with Vivi, her wild flailing and random shrieks.

I never grew up with pets, so I’m not sure what’s in store for the future, but I know right now? We’re very happy as a family of 6.