A Picture's Worth A… Second Look!


When is the heck did my baby get so old and big and un-baby like?!?

Every Sunday I take a boat load of photos for my Sensational Sunday posts. The point of the posts are to simply capture our day and share it on the blog. Today there were two pictures that made me do a double take.

First one..

Holy tall baby!

Doesn’t he look so composed? Like…. “Hello Mommy. Fancy meeting you here at the crib.”

Also notice his too small white onsie pulling on his neck. I think it’s time to do a little shopping!

The second picture was taken at the end of the day…

He’s really interested and active anymore. Playing with him is so fun at this age. I really can’t believe how big he’s getting.

My baby will soon not be a “baby” anymore. :(

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