The One Where Vivi Shows off Her Sweet New Toy.


There’s only so many things that can be portrayed through a print ad, or even a television ad. Prim and proper babies, happy and smiling, as they play with whatever product happens to be in front of them. Some ads would have you believe that this product with make your child sleep better because look how happily asleep this sleepy baby is! Other ads would have you believe that their product will make your child smarter, because hello? Doesn’t this model child just *look* like Harvard material?

When it came time to purchase items this time around I was that pregnant lady, wandering through the aisles of the baby store proclaiming “They didn’t have THAT when I had a baby!” Comes with the kids over six years apart territory I supposed.

Well there’s one thing they certainly didn’t have when my oldest was a baby, unless you count my arms that did all the work, specifically my triceps. Vivi received one from her uncle and the following 20 second video (after the jump) does more for marketing the Fisher-Price Jumperoo than any photo or Amazon review could ever do.

She loves the thing. The songs don’t make me want to stab my own ears out and it will be a great thing to lend between friends.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Jumperoo?

Two bouncy chubby thighs up.