Baby Led Weaning Update: Food Has Been Consumed

Mmmmm! Green beans are tasty!

It seemed that Thanksgiving was the most obvious and fitting of all days to let Arlo have his first taste of real people food. I mean, it’s THE biggest food day of the year and I’d been preparing myself all week for my son’s first taste of the good stuff. I figured there’d be plenty of options available in the buffet of food at our family get together but a quick glance at the food table made me realize that there really weren’t a lot of BLW friendly options available. Casseroles with multiple ingredients sure weren’t going to cut it, and a slice of turkey just seemed a little too hardcore for his first meal. Then I spotted the plate of whole, baked sweet potatoes and all was right with the world.

I cut the potato open and sliced off a piece for him to eat. It was pretty crumbly and easy to mush but he had a ball shoving fistfuls of orange yumminess into his mouth. No gagging, but TONS of mess. It was fun for about 4 minutes and then I got nervous that he put too much in his mouth and decided we’d done enough for the day (baby steps!).

Fast forward the recommended 4 days, and we decided to give greenbeans a go tonight. I steamed some up for the family and put a few on the high chair tray for Arlo to explore. I’ve been really impressed with his finger dexterity and his ability to pass things back and forth in his hands. I had worried that his vision impairment might make it challenging to pick up pieces of food on his own, and while he did have to do a little extra searching at times, he really didn’t have any issues with it.

He gummed and chewed on 6 greenbeans the entire time the rest of us ate. They weren’t mushy enough for him to break off much but he really loved the experience. He’d bang his little fists down over and over while gripping a greenbean for dear life. I’ve never seen him play that way before and it was obvious he was really happy to have a new taste and texture to explore.

So far Baby Led Weaning has been entertaining, although it hasn’t provided much (if any) nutritional supplementation to his diet (and everything I’m reading says that’s okay right now). I’m looking forward to introducing him to whole wheat pasta spirals in a few days and some steamed carrots after that.

Those of you who have followed BLW with your little ones – what was your baby’s favorite first “whole food”?