Did You Do Baby-Led Weaning?


As we are rounding the corner on Tate’s half birthday, it is becoming all too evident that Tate is getting ready for solids. His eyes light up when Steve and I sit down to eat, he follows every bite with a longing gaze, and he is getting grabby with plates and utensils.

I have decided to wait until he hits the six month mark to try him on solids. Why you may ask? Well partly because the WHO (World Health Organization) says so, but also I think it’s mostly because six months sounds like a very respectable age to start trying solids. Don’t you think?

We’ve assembled the high chair, and Tate joins us at the table for dinner with only a rattle to chew on. The next step is to just start feeding him, right?

Except there is more than one method of doing it, which shouldn’t surprise me, it seems that nothing is simple in this parenting gig.

I have heard some things about baby led weaning, and from what I understand, it is all about providing the baby with solid foods that they can eat, and allowing them to lick, suck, and handle the food on their own. Essentially, they learn to feed themselves, at their own pace. Sounds good to me.

So, I have to ask. What methods did you use in introducing solids to your little one? Do you have experience with baby led weaning, or another method you want to share? This momma is all ears.