Baby Milestones: Mastering The Sippy Cup

It’s been a baby milestone kamikaze over here the past week, which has made it hard to keep up with sharing all of these moments with y’all on the internets.

Her most recent accomplishment? Owning the sippy cup.

A baby’s first time on the sippy in the grand scheme of things…meh. But we’re talking about babies and pretty much nothing but over here.

I must admit to being hella proud of my girl for having mastered the grab, tip and sip at 10 months, before long we’ll be off of bottles.

Something of which, I’m a fan of. We don’t plan on keeping sippy cups around for too long either. I’m not a believer in babies and toddlers having to constantly carry drinks around like a pacifier.

Sure, sippies are less messy, and require less guidance and attention from a parental unit when drinking…

But they also aren’t good for a babies’ tooth development, as in where their teeth end up as they grow in. They also can impeded on speech development.

Almond milk, cow’s milk and water are all that our 1st drinks now at 2 1/2 – with 1 or 2 small cups of watered down (1/2 and 1/2) organic apple juice. Thankfully he loves water and gets plenty of that, I’m kind of like the water police around our house with the bigs and littles. All from a, ‘big boy’ cup that he drinks from on the spot and is then done with it.

Some benefits from introducing a sippy cup to babies are that they help prevent tooth decay, (so long as you avoid frequent and prolonged use of them), promote hand-eye coordination and improve a babies independence. Little Abby gets quite pleased with herself when drinking from a sippy. Adorable.

We started out with a BPA free sippy with a soft spout, rather than the hard plastic ones with little handles that she loves to grasp on to. Granted it’s as much of a toy as it is a drinking vessel. Which means drink, drink, drink, drop, floor, smash. Or drink, bang, drink, bang, drink, catapult. Such as life with baby.

When did your little monkey start on a sippy, or did you skip one altogether?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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