Baby Milestones


baby milestonesZeke is completing his 7 month of life and what a month it was! Each week it seemed like our little dude was accomplishing a new baby milestone. I love watching him grow, but more so seeing him be so proud of himself definitely puts a smile on this mom’s face.

Here are a few of the baby milestones Zeke has just checked off:


Zeke mastered the art of army style crawling. He has yet to get up on all fours. None of our other kids crawled like this!

Picking Up Food

Yogurt bites and cereal are his favorite foods to pick up and eat.

Sitting Up By Himself

While Zeke has been able to sit up for a few months now, sitting up by himself is a new trick. I walked in his room one morning to find him all grins, sitting up tall. We MUST lower his crib soon!

Holding His Own Bottle

Our last baby refused to hold his own bottle. Not this kid, he wants to feed himself.

All of these milestones accomplished, yet the kid has no teeth!

Each of our 4 kids accomplished their milestones at different ages. I remember fretting when 1 of our kids wasn’t accomplishing any of the milestones on time. Just goes to show, each baby grows and learns at their own speed.

What New Milestones is Your Baby Accomplishing?

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