Baby Mine


A love letter for Mother’s Day to my little Lou-Lou:

Dear Evie-Lou,

Last year on Mother’s Day, I was beaming because I already counted myself as your mother -even though you were only the size of a peach in my tummy. We were already bonded and I felt so close to you.

When you were born, your heart rate was too fast. They put you close to my heart and soon, my heart calmed your heart. I love that sometimes, I’m still the only one that can comfort you. I love that you want to hold onto my hands and put them by your face to fall asleep.

When we found out you were a girl on your birth day, I was elated. Don’t worry, I’ll love your brother(s) too… but your aunts and I… we have so much to teach you.

You and I will have so much fun playing Disney princesses, cooking in the kitchen, making messy art projects, singing and dancing anywhere and everywhere. Eventually, I’ll teach you the fine art of ratting your hair, putting on makeup and wearing heels. I’ll encourage you to find and develop all your talents and I will be that mother that shows you off to all my friends. (Like now. Hello blogland!)

I love your personality already. You’re a talker. You’re an observer. You’re a foodie. You’re a doer. You’re emotional. You’re dainty. You’re smart. You are such a girl and I feel so blessed to have you as my daughter. I can’t wait until you can call me Mommy.

Oh.. there you are.. waking up.

I love you, baby of mine.



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