Baby Misses Dad's Beard and Freaks Out


Fullscreen capture 9242013 21116 PMThis video is making the rounds on the Internets and I think it’s adorable.

This Dad plays lovingly with his one-year-old baby, steps out to shave his beard, and when he returns his baby straight-up doesn’t recognize him! At first she looks at him blankly and gives him a polite “hi!” like she is talking to a stranger. When Dad starts talking she clearly recognizes his voice but still can’t place his face. The poor, confused babe just falls apart!

Kudos to mom and dad here for getting very creative with parent problem solving. They do a hand-off to mom and then do a slow introduction of Dad’s beardless face by using a black scarf. I just love how dubious this baby is of her own father–she is just so sweet and disarming.

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