Baby Paul's First Year


Just after 9pm on Thursday night I got the call I had been anticipating for weeks. My phone was never without a full charge or more than three feet away from me at any moment just in case.

“I’m in labor, we’re leaving for the hospital in 20 minutes.”

I flew off the couch, threw a few last minute things into my carefully packed and prepared bags and set out in a freezing cold windstorm to photograph my best friend give birth to her fourth child and second son.

One of my most favorite things to do in this world is birth babies. Given I’ve only done it twice and there’s a chance I may never do it again, there is just this feeling of accomplishment that comes with birthing a human that I’ve never felt with anything else in my life. I understand it isn’t like this for everyone and I’d like to think that my crappy pregnancies give way to glorious labors and deliveries…but no matter how someone feels about giving birth, I think it’s amazing, and not in a “The female body is so powerful and in tune with the forces of nature and her spirit” kind of way, I just babies being born is really really cool.

She labored for four hours before things really started up, and within two pushes she had her second son in her arms.

Baby Paul’s first year began on January 13, 2012 at 2:38 am.

I wrote about my experience and posted some of the photos from the night over at my own blog, I’d be honored if you’d check them out.


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