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Baby Photos Online: Yay or Nay?

By Rebekah Kuschmider |

My baby is cute. Way cute. Insanely cute, even. Big blue eyes, scrumptious cheeks, little dimples in her elbow chub. She embodies all that is cute in the baby universe.

But you’ll have to take my word for it because I’m not posting pictures of her online.

It may seem like a paranoid mother’s neurosis but whenever I second guess my decision to keep my kids’ names and faces off the internet, I read something like this article from Huffington Post Parents:

Shannon Nicole’s children are stunning. Both she and her husband are pretty easy on the eyes, too, so the genes were clearly stacked in the kids’ favor. Many people thought likewise and enjoyed each new image she published on her parenting blog. One reader enjoyed Nicole’s baby photos so much, however, that she downloaded them and used them to create a fake family online. That’s when Nicole’s blog became the conduit through which one of her worst fears was realized.

Yeah, no. No, that’s not ok. I really, really, really don’t like the idea that anyone capable of a right-click could lift my children’s faces and use them in ways I never intended or permitted. Nope, nope, nope. These types of stories may be rare, and relatively benign, but it’s still enough for me to keep my kids faces out of my public social media life.

I’m not sure what event or article what it was that led me to stop posting pictures on my son on my blog but my privacy concerns were aroused enough that, a couple of years ago, I took all images of him down. Since then, I have posted no pictures of him on my blog, here on Babble, or on my public Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’ve followed suit with my new baby and kept her image off the social media outlets I use without privacy settings enabled.

Now, my personal Facebook account is littered with baby shots and anecdotes about my kids but my personal Facebook account is also pretty locked down. Only my friends are allowed to see my pictures and the account itself is set so it can’t be searched on Google. The people on my friends list are people I actually know and trust. None of them are going to use my kids pictures to create a fake world.

I know my decision to hide my kids from public view is probably overkill but as a parent, I have to make choices that I’m comfortable with at the end of the day. The most comfortable choice for me is to allow only the people I know to have access to my children – either in the real world or the virtual one.

Do you post pictures of your baby online?

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7 thoughts on “Baby Photos Online: Yay or Nay?

  1. Brisa says:

    I don’t post pictures of JUST my daughter anywhere. I have several family pictures on my Facebook but that’s it. I didn’t even want the day she was born or her full name/stats to be announced online. My family doesn’t have a big issue with how my husband and I feel but we got A LOT of resistance from his family since she was their first grandchild and they love to brag about her. Some say we’re too paranoid but I feel that it’s in the best interest of our children since the internet isn’t an impenetrable safe where you can share whatever you want without a care.

  2. Stefanie says:

    That happened to a girl I know from high school. I even want to say it was someone that she was acquainted with which makes it even crazier.

  3. Joanna @ Growing Up in Oz says:

    That is one of my biggest fears. Most days I don’t think it will ever happen and then other days I’m paralyzed that I’m screwing their lives up and leaving my family open to that sort of invasion because I knowingly and willingly put them on the internet.

  4. Dana K says:

    Yes, I do post pictures of my son online. I did start watermarking my photos, which isn’t 100% foolproof, but it helps. The one issue I’ve had was on fb when a former babysitter of my husband’s copied pictures on my inlaws’ fb pages & posted them as if they were her family. I nipped that in the bud.

    Anyways, as my son gets older, I will allow him to decide how visible he is online. If he doesn’t want me to post a picture of him or share a story, I will respect that. If he ever wants me to remove early pictures of him, I most likely will.

  5. Stacey says:

    Agreed. I would never post pictures of my little Monsanto on my blog. The online information that I share with my friends and sponsors are for well-wishers only!

  6. ZeroKNS says:

    There is no privacy on FB, no matter what your settings are. If you’re not a paying customer you’re a product being sold. Once it’s on their website they WILL treat anything you post as their property to sell as they see fit. Gross and a little disturbing, but true. The only way to keep your information private is to NOT put it on FB in the first place.
    As a general rule I’m against putting up pictures of ANYONE else without their express consent. I find it rude and tacky, and I’m clearly in the minority.
    The hardest part about keeping pictures of my children off the internet is Other Family Members and Various Acquaintances who feel entitled to post pictures of any event your child may attend without your permission. It’s taken 9 years, but I think I’ve gotten everyone on board, now… even if some of them need reminding every now and then.
    I mention my kids on Twitter sometimes. Even less on FB, but I never put up personal details and definitely no pictures at all. They’re underage. I know how some of my family members feel about this “neurosis,” but I feel it’s my right as their parent to at least TRY to strive for their privacy while they’re under my wing.
    I could continue ranting for pages.

  7. Ms tones says:

    I have kept my sons pictures off the Internet altogether. I think it’s strange that all these children have pictures of themselves all over the Internet and never got to consent to it. When they grow up they may not think the idea was so cute. The hardest for me has been trying to get my family members to honor my wishes and not post pictures of him on their twitter and Facebook accounts.

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