Baby Proofing Philosophy


If there is one thing I have learned while writing for BFY, it’s that there are hundreds of ways to parent. A million philosophies that work for every kind of parent. One of the things I have noticed is the different ways to cope with baby proofing.

I think I tend to be pretty relaxed. I do my best to remove items that would genuinely hurt Tate, and the rest is pretty open. For this reason I find it beneficial to live in a small home with no stairs. I close doors to rooms I don’t want him to spend time in alone and am trying to teach him not to play with things that I don’t want him to (like DVD player). There are days I wish he were contained in a play yard, but for the most part I think this is the right solution for us. Even if it means restacking every DVD we own at the end of every day.

What’s your baby proofing philosophy?

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