Blubabumablubablubadub - A Video


One of Vivi’s favorite pastimes in the car is playing with her lips. She’ll hum or sing while playing with her mouth, sometimes with one finger, sometimes with two and sometimes she uses her whole hand, wrist included. We all laugh after we figure out that the goofy little sound coming from the car is the goofy little baby in the rear facing car seat, she just looks back at us as if to say “What? I don’t have much else to be doing back here.”

Thankfully we can recreate that same magical sound with her little singing lips. Addie has her own way of doing it, she pushes up on her chin as she sings. I prefer to pinch her cheeks in and out. Cody? He’s traditional. He just moves his finger up and down producing a little song with no name that every parent knows.


Can’t see the video? Click here.

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