'Baby Suiting' Is the Latest Trend for Dressing Up Baby


We all saw the hilarious trend, “Baby Mugging,” that so cleverly captured your littlest ones in a coffee mug. Well now, Ilana Wiles, author of Mommy Shorts and creative mind behind Baby Mugging has unveiled the newest trend for babies, “Baby Suiting.”


Who knew that putting your little one in a man’s suit could look so cute (and hilarious.)





With a little one of my own at home, I knew I couldn’t miss out on all of the Baby Suiting fun. I followed Wiles’ Baby Suiting instructions from her website, grabbed one of my husband’s suits, shirts, and ties and had a little bit of fun. Thankfully Macks wasn’t opposed to the idea either.


You can get your little one in on the Baby Suiting fun by uploading your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #babysuiting and tagging @MommyShorts. You can also post it on the Mommy Shorts Facebook page.

Have fun!

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All images (except for Macks) courtesy of Mommy Shorts.