Baby WashPOD – A Different Kind of Bath Tub

wash pod
The WashPOD, a different type of baby bath tub

Before having my third, someone had sent me a link to the european baby bath tub, the washPod. One glance at it and I thought, HOW WRONG! It’s a dunking tank for babies!

Whoops. There I go judging before I actually tried it.

Long story short, when I actually was pregnant – I was putting stuff on our baby wish list and had again come across this washPod thing.

The further I searched, the more I read how people LOVED this thing. SO I put it on the registry. If we got it, we’d give it a try – but if we didn’t, we’d buy the standard baby tub.

We got it. And it’s amazing. Before freaking out too much at the sight of this – check out these photos:

  • The WashPOD 1 of 6
    The WashPOD
    I love that I can bathe the baby in his nursery. I just put down a towel underneath the pod before bathing the baby. You fill the pod with a few inches of water, not much just enough to cover the bottom 60% or so of your baby.
  • Place the Baby into the Pod 2 of 6
    Place the Baby into the Pod
    "Mom, make sure you cover up my jewels"
  • WATER? What is THIS? (These photos are from his first real bath) 3 of 6
    WATER? What is THIS? (These photos are from his first real bath)
    At first the baby was like WTH! But Watch
  • AWW… RELAXING.. Just like when I was in the womb.. 4 of 6
    AWW... RELAXING.. Just like when I was in the womb..
    It's so odd, as soon as the baby is somewhat submerged (the water goes about an inch and a half below his arm pits) - his entire body relaxes. He absolutely loves to just sit there. Keep both hands on the baby!
  • Washy Washy 5 of 6
    Washy Washy
    Cleaning the cracks and creases.
    And yes, once you remove, the baby will freak. But that's not the pod's fault :)

With our third kid, we used the pod for his first 9 months. It was quick and easy to wash out – you just dump it!

While Amazon has a few different of tub type options, the one we have is the Prince WashPOD (referral link) – it’s the most affordable pod option at around $25.

Here is a complete review: Mommy Must Haves – European Baby Bath Tub

What Type of Bath Tub Do You Bathe Your Baby In?