Baby Wearing In The Summer: Let's Discuss


Since I wrote about Huck’s misadventures in the humid heat of the city, I’ve been a woman on a mission! Keep him cool, keep him cool, keep him cool!

Luckily, the weather has been a champion and cut it out on the broccoli-water effect (the humidity always feels like the steam from a broccoli bath to me — and smells like it, to0) and I haven’t had to worry as much lately.

But still, I’ll admit, Huck has spent far less time in his front pack than usual since then. (Maybe I’m a bit scarred?)

The point! A reader left me a link to an article on babywearing during the summer in the comments of that post, and I thought it was worth sharing as a sort of follow-up. And so! The link! After the jump!

Baby Wearing In Hot Weather

So tell me, how do you stay cool in the summer while wearing your precious (and heavy) (and sometimes hot) babies?

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