When the Baby Won't Stop Crying

How does you baby daddy handle a crying baby?
How does you baby daddy handle a crying baby?

*DISCLAIMER*  I’m not a husband basher, promise! My husband is seriously awesome and a fabulous father. He’s just not “mom.”

This scenario plays out, oh every night at our house.

The older kids go to sleep and I get to start my work day. My husband takes over all duties with the baby.

Within an hour,  I hear a whimper – followed by a crying scream from our little Zeke.  I keep thinking to myself: Dad’s in control, he has this. I hear my husband talking to him and trying to make him stop crying.

10 minutes later, I get a text, IM or a scream “What does the baby need?”.   It’s the same answer every time – “Check his diaper or see if he’s hungry.”  Dad just isn’t mom, and that’s okay.

When I caught this clip from Bored to Death of what Zach Galifianakis’ character did when the baby wouldn’t stop crying, I knew I had to share this with you. Let’s pray your baby daddy doesn’t do this!


Whisky on the nipples – just lovely.


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