Baby Yoga? I Think Not.

four babies
baby yoga: the real thing

Baby Yoga, to me, is really postpartum yoga for moms. You bring your baby and all the babies just kinda roll around on the floor and explore their new abilities, while the moms get some much needed stretching and strengthening between feedings.

I finally watched that crazy ridiculous baby yoga video that’s been swirling around the interwebs for the past couple of weeks. This is nuts.

I couldn’t even watch the whole thing, it was too freaky. I’m no yoga expert, but I’ve taken yoga on and off for the last twenty years.  I really don’t see anything ‘yogic’ about this video. I do think that babies are probably more durable than we give them credit for, but this just seems downright dangerous. Besides the fact that the ‘instructor’ seems to almost drop this two-week-old numerous times, we all know that babies this little have no neck control, so wouldn’t this be harmful just in that respect?

My mom and baby yoga class actually saved my postpartum ass. I developed a great bond with the women in this class -whose babies are pictured here—and it became kind of group therapy for me. I looked forward to class every week. I’m sad that I haven’t been able to do it this time around, but herein lies one of the hurdles of having more than one. Nonetheless, while we did swing our babies in our arms while we danced, we definitely did none of the acrobatics pictured in this video.