Now that Tate is almost a month old (which I can’t believe!) I am starting to get my groove back. I am usually showered and dressed by noon, I go run errands, I blog, and I make dinner (ok, I’ve made dinner twice – including tonight). But for some reason, I am still having a hard time working through my to-do list. I can easily go six days before returning a phone call, am lucky to return an email, and still haven’t finished writing thank you notes for my baby shower gifts. Tasks like doing laundry or calling the hospital to set up a payment plan for our [insanely] expensive hospital bill get bypassed constantly.

At the end of the day, I would rather just cuddle with Tate than do just about anything, especially the tedious or less than pleasant things. In all honesty, it takes me back to the honeymoon era of my marriage. I remember having  little motivation to do the little chores and responsibilities of adulthood; all I wanted to do was hang out with my husband and forget the world. Optimistically, I’m hoping that like the honeymoon era, this “Babymoon” era will end soon or I’m afraid nothing is going to get done (and that includes the shopping and bill paying!)

I am truly enjoying this time with my new sweet baby, but there are other areas of my life I would like to focus on, like being a good wife, continuing my hobbies, and staying in touch with my friends. And I am afraid this past month I have neglected all of these important aspects of my life.

I love being a Mom, and I love my baby boy more than anything else, but I feel the need to start learn to focus on other things in my life that make me…me.