Baby's 1st Peacoat

Nothing much left to do but munch on those cheeks.

Yes. You read/saw right. Peacoat. I know, right?

A few moons ago I shared with you the awesome that are baby jeggings. Specifically, MY Baby’s 1st jeggings.

Dressing a girl?

Is the most fantastic, joyous, darling past-time.

Perhaps not ever, but it’s right up there with eating chocolate, sweet baby/toddler kisses and cuddles, drinking beer or wine and rolling around nekked in soft, sweet smelling grass.

Completely non-niched random list there, but still.

Behold the magnificence that is a peacoat. A wee, tiny, small peacoat be-fit for my little princess. Good gracious she is joy inducing. Peacoat or not. It really only exemplifies her adorableness.

  • All The Love 1 of 5
    All The Love
    It's of the stuff that makes one feel like they could fly. This baby love.
  • Thinking Deep Thoughts 2 of 5
    Thinking Deep Thoughts
    In her peacoat. How apropros.
  • Wondering What The Hold Up Is 3 of 5
    Wondering What The Hold Up Is
    Gently forbidding me with her eyes, picture time surely must be coming to an end.
  • Face Squish… 4 of 5
    Face Squish...
    of exasperation.
  • One More For The Road 5 of 5
    One More For The Road
    Because she knows she is presh.

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