Baby's Bedtime Battles


ca01a746c34e11e29b4022000a9f3c65_7Avery has always been a great sleeper. She sleeps through the night, still takes two two-hour naps during the day, and never gives me any issues going down. Up until recently, she was the only child I could count on to sleep through the night without any problems. That was until a couple of weeks ago when Avery learned that she can play a little game with us at night time; a game that she eventually wins.

I always put Avery down a little bit earlier in the evening than I do Harlan. Avery usually goes down fine and doesn’t give us any trouble. But lately, as soon as I bring Harlan in for bedtime, Avery will immediately wake and stand up in her crib with the biggest smile on her face. I kiss both of them goodnight and promptly leave the room. Harlan falls asleep right away, but Avery stays awake, standing in her crib, and yelling my name. She’s not really crying as much as she is whining and yelling. I am so surprised that Harlan doesn’t wake up, because I can hear it all the way in the living room and Harlan is in the bed next to her.

After about 30 minutes of her yelling for me, I eventually go and get her out of her crib only to see her huge smile again while she jumps for joy because she knows that she has won the bedtime battle. I let her come out into the living room with me where she usually goes crazy jumping up and down or running around everywhere. It’s almost like she is celebrating that she won and that I took her out of her crib.

I’ll keep her out with me trying to calm her down and get her to lay down on me, but that never happens. After 30 minutes or so, I’ll tell her goodnight again and bring her back in her bed for her to fall back asleep. As soon as I tell her we are going “night night” again she pitches a fit going back into her room and will fuss for a little bit before eventually going to sleep.

I don’t have this issue at the beginning of the night, only when she wakes back up and I have to go through it again. I have tried putting both of the girls down at the same time, but she still does the same thing. There is something about having her sister in the room that makes her stay awake, even though they have been sharing a room since Avery was four-months-old.

I would love for you to share any advice that you have!

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