Baby's First Boat Ride!

Driving the boat! (Not really - parked at a beach.)

We are on the other side of the country this week, spending our time with my husband’s family at Lake Lanier, Georgia.  When this vacation was initially planned, I was worried that a lake trip would be difficult with a baby.  The beach seemed much more baby-friendly, and I was worried about how Cullen would do with boat rides, lake swimming, and Georgia heat.

Any vacation with a baby is definitely different, but for just eight months old, Cullen has actually done really well!  

We have a big comfy pontoon boat we’ve been cruising around on in our empty canal.  It’s been nice to have such a private area with little other boat traffic.  I didn’t feel comfortable having Cullen in the deep water directly off the dock, so we’ve been boating over to a little beach just down the canal from our house.  Each day, we park at the beach and then let him splash around in the shallow water, or I take him out a few feet in his little blow up raft.  He loves the splashing and kicking his little feet.

But his favorite activity of all seems to be just hanging out under the shade of the boat with his grandparents.  When we’re cruising, he has to wear a big bulky life jacket (that he hates), but when we’re parked he can just hang out and relax in his swim gear.  He loves the lake breeze and watching everyone else swim and splash around.  He laughed and laughed while pretending to drive the boat with Grandpa.

It’s fun to see him enjoying being outside, and being able to spend so much time with his grandparents and other family.  Vacations are different these days (still getting up at 5am – ouch!), but I feel like I appreciate them so much more now as a mom.  I imagine they will only get more fun as he gets older and is able to enjoy them even more!