Baby's First Cold


baby's first coldThis little guy caught his first cold.  We kept thinking that because he’s at home most of the day with Dad that maybe he’d luck out and not catch a baby cold.  But the poor kid is sick.  He’s got sniffles and a really sad dry cough.  Last night you could just tell he didn’t feel like his normal self.  Even play time wasn’t fun.  I rocked him to sleep in my arms and he slept all the way through the night.

This evening he acted like he felt much better.  He’s still got the sniffles and this cold has definitely pointed out how much he HATES the snot sucker. We have to do a really good job of distracting him otherwise there are tears.  Real tears!!  It’s so sad.  But he’s been such a trooper.  He still manged smiles even when you could tell he felt the worst.

How did your little one handle their first cold?

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