Baby's First Cold


A few days ago, I noticed that Tate seemed to be getting a little sniffly. When he was tired he had a bit of a wheez in his nose. I wasn’t too worried about it as it didn’t really seem to be affecting his mood.

Last night the shiz hit the fan. Poor Tate was having such a hard time breathing through his nose, and woke up crying often (this is unusual for our champion sleeper). I got out of bed this morning a nervous wreck.

I panicked and decided that Tate must have a fever, because he felt a little warm. And then thought, ‘Gah, if he has a fever and cold symptoms, could this be the beginning of the dreaded pertussis?’ I googled “baby cold” in hopes that WebMD could make me feel better about the state of our son. I read that if your baby is under 3 months with a cold, you should be calling the doctor. So, I did. I left a message with our pediatrician’s nurse, and guess what? Lady never even bothered to call us back.

Tate slept and nursed and slept some more, and wanted nothing to do with not being held. But guess what? By the end of the day, he was doing so much better.

Here’s hoping he sleeps better tonight.

What are your experiences with your baby’s first cold? Am I crazy to call the doctor (and to expect a call back)?