Baby's First Laugh!

A photo taken about an hour before Fern shared her first real laugh with us!

For awhile I worried that my baby was abnormal.

Most babies laugh by around 3 months of age, but we were quickly approaching Fern’s 5 month birthday and we still hadn’t heard a real laugh out of her.

But, FINALLY, this week we heard a real chuckle.  I was able to quickly capture it on my iPhone and I’m so glad I did.  We were at a play date when it happened and my friend was the one who made her laugh.  There were kids screaming in the background, but it’s still pretty special to me.

I’ll admit this might be one of those videos that only a mother could love, but you be the judge after the jump!




When did your baby laugh for the first time?  Did you get it on film?


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