Baby's First Summer: 6 Things To Do At A Lake Beach


Baby in the lakebaby playing in sandOne of our favorite things to do in the summer is to go to the lake. While Fuzz and Shnook are not old enough to go canoeing with us, yet, we can definitely have a ton of fun playing by the shore and floating in the calm cool lake water. I found that Shnook was really afraid of the ocean, but the lake was just his speed. Here are some fun things to do with your baby at the lake!

1. Play in the sand: The sand on the lake is a little softer than ocean sand, and is usually not as dry, which makes it great for squishing in the fingers and for digging with sand toys.

2. Collect Rocks: There are lots of smooth rocks along the shoreline for your baby to drop in his special bucket.

3. Float around: As for the water, we can’t wait to put Fuzz in this floaty that his brother enjoyed two summers ago. He found it so relaxing that he often almost fell asleep!

4. Splash around: Many lakes have a really shallow area for sitting and splashing- bathtub style. This could result in some sand throwing, however.

5. Have A Picnic: Bring a cooler with baby’s favorite finger foods and some purees or a bottle. Don’t forget some wipes for the mess!

6. Take A Nap: Some babies sleep well under a shady tree near the lapping noise of  lake water with cool breezes blowing. If no shade, don’t forget a sun umbrella or a baby tent to protect his skin from sun. Make sure he wears protective clothing for both sun and bugs.