Baby's First Summer: Can't Stand The Heat? Get Thee To The Museum


Now, I love the summer, but there is a period between the middle of August and the beginning of September on the East Coast where after three minutes outside I am melting like the Wicked Witch of the West (and five times as grouchy). But I already have a plan! It was inspired by the cutest dang mom I ever saw hanging out at the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few weeks ago.

She had two boys with her, maybe they were four or five, and she brought them trudging through the Armor Collection to a glass display of swords, where they all stretched out on the floor, emptied their backpacks (filled with an arsenal of colored pencils and sketchbooks), and started drawing swords. “Genius! Genius!” the lightbulb above my head said as it blinked.

The great thing about life in New York City is the abundance of museums right at your fingertips. And I’m going to let you in on a super awesome secret: many of New York’s best museums are run on a “suggested donation” system, meaning that $20 they ask for is completely optional. (I’d be willing to bet there’s a similar museum near you?) Sometimes I feel like I’m only going to be there for $5 worth of admission, you know what I mean?

As Huck gets older, I’m excited to take the hottest hours of the day and spend them with him, sprawled out on the ground, drawing some swords, or some Van Goghs, or next time some Grecian statues? Think of the possibilities! Think of the interesting things we could learn together!

What do you like to do to beat the heat? Have any rad museums where you live?

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