Baby's First Summer: Fishing With Dad


March is a flirt. A high school girl that taunts you with a bit of hot here and there, but never really delivers. Last week there were a few days in which the mercury rose to the seventies. As I type this the thermometer shows 40-something.

I’ve had two winter babies now and the shock of bringing home a newborn is made all the worse by the weeks and weeks of gray, freezing days. My best friend has had summer babies and within weeks of their births she was out and about, listening to concerts under the stars with the baby lying nearby. We’re lucky if we get to the park once a week and even then it’s an hour long affair to bundle both kids against the cold.

Which is why I’m anticipating summer like nobody’s business. The options for outdoor activities are endless, but one of our very favorites is fishing with dad.

Serge drives up into the mountains and hikes a good two miles or so back along a river. I give him a three hour head start so he can get some real fishing time in and then I load up the car with snacks, diapers and our baby carrier. Once there I strap Violet to my back and enjoy the workout. It really works out because he gets some quality fishing time in and we get to hang with dad. I’m not sitting at home feeling resentful that he’s out and about without me.

My advice to new mothers is this: never let something seem overwhelming. At first I was afraid to take the baby on such a long hike by myself. But after doing it a couple times I realized how important it is to get out there and do all the things you used to do before the baby is born. You need to feel like yourself! So if something seems difficult, try it anyway! Get yourself a good baby carrier and get going as soon as it’s warm enough!