Babys First Summer: Swimming Pools!

All ready to swim, but too cold to go outside.

It’s March and I have two ridiculously cute swimsuits ready for Evie. We can’t wait for summer so we can spend time in our little one-foot pool -a perfect summertime activity to beat the heat!

If taking baby into the pool seems a little scary for you, try a baby swimming class! It’s a great way to help baby become familiar with the water and swimming. (And you might make a new mommy and baby friend!) I have a bunch of friends who swear by baby swimming classes. Have you tried them?

Here are some things to consider for your baby’s first summer in the pool:

  • Since babies can’t regulate their own temperature until around 1 yrs old, make sure the water is between 84-86ºF. (Also avoid much hotter temperatures!)
  • Before 6 months, keep baby clothed and in the shade. After, be sure you use heavy sunblock, sunhat, and protective clothing/swimsuits.
  • Keep swimming sessions short and rinse off chlorine quickly after.
  • Keep yourself and baby hydrated.
  • Have fun!
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