Baby's First Summer: The Farmer's Market


When we venture out in the sweltering Texas Summer, one of our favorite spots to go is the Farmer’s Market. It’s a short outing so everyone usually manages to stay happy. How could you not stay happy? What, with dozens of friendly fruit & veggie vendors begging your little girls to sample the best produce of the season. Baby Gordon contently people watches from the comfort of dad’s chest and I love the multi-tasking of getting some shopping done while hanging with the family. Oh and the Agua Fresca, that’s good too.

This year it is especially fun to make the trip because we’ve just put in our first family vegetable garden… and finally have an excuse to pick up the gorgeous veggie plants that the vendors have for sale this time of year. Although Gordon won’t be eating solids for a few more months, I really looking forward to feeding him some food fresh from our own “farm” and the girls are going crazy for the idea of growing too!

Clare’s helped pick out all of the things she wants to grow and since we have started talking about growing vegetables, she has even eaten a few leafy green items. The Farmer’s Market has magical powers!

Do you love your local Farmer’s Market? What’s it like?