Baby's Got Teeth!!


I am so excited to say that Grayson finally has two teeth! Well, almost. A tooth and a half if you want to get technical. Not to mention, they look so big to me. Little baby with some big ole teeth. Grayson will be 14-months-old on December 1st, and I feel like he’s been teething forever! Poor boy has been working on his two front teeth for a few months now, and one finally broke through and the second is on its way.

photo (23)

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This picture was too cute not to share!! Look at those chompers, baby. I think Grayson is just as excited to be progressing in the teething department as I am. Is it over yet? In the meantime, I look forward to these adorable smiles and giggles. I just had to share the special moment with you all!

When did your baby get their first teeth?

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