Back to Work and What Surprised Me


back to workYesterday was my first official day back to my full time job.  I missed Wolf so much and thought about him constantly during the day.  But it wasn’t as sad as I thought it might be to leave him.  Perhaps it’s because Dad is home with him for the time being or perhaps my little jaunt to Philly last month broke me in.

I had a great day though.  I wore a new dress, put on some pretty lip gloss and even wore dangling earrings!  The day was busy so it went by super fast.  Plus, my boys visited me at lunch so that made me happy!  For the most part, it was everything that I thought it would turn out like.  But there was one thing I didn’t expect.

I was POOPED!!!  And I didn’t realize how tired I was until I was sitting in a presentation with the lights off and I started to nod off.  It took every little ounce of energy in my body to stay awake!!  I even considered walking out of the meeting at one point to slap some cold water on my face.  What made matters worse was the president of the company was sitting right behind me.  I had to be pretty strategic with my yawns and head bobbles so he wouldn’t notice.  By the time the presentation was over, I was so happy to go back to my desk.  I managed to stick it out for the rest of the day but whew!  I had no idea how worn out I’d feel. I was so happy to get home to snuggle with Wolf.

How was your first day back after maternity leave?