Back To Work...For the Day Anyway

Part of a set I styled for the photo shoot.

For the past two months being a mom has been my primary job in life – making sure I keep this little person alive has been my primary goal.  But, yesterday I had my first styling job since Fern was born and subsequently was also away from her for the longest stretch of time that I’ve ever been away from her.

I was a little bit nervous.  I knew I was leaving her in my mom’s very capable hands, but just how would things go without me there to comfort her or nurse her?  She usually takes the bottle without any difficulty, but what if she decided that this would be the time she felt like only a breast would satisfy her?

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Despite all of my fears, everything went smoothly.  Fern and her grandma had a wonderful time together and I had a wonderful time getting to hang out with grownups and expressing myself creatively through wardrobe and prop styling.  I missed it.  As much as I love being a mommy, it really was nice to do something non-mommy related.

The only downside to having a “day job”?  I was so exhausted!  I had to get up extra early to prepare everything for Fern while I was away for the day and then even earlier than that to give myself time to prepare all of the clothing and props for the photo shoot.  Then, when I was done with the shoot it was back into mommy-mode.  I’m not sure I could do this every day.  Props to all the mamas who work long hours every day – I am impressed by you all!


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