Bed Sharing with a Mobile Baby


Tate has always been an incredibly stationary sleeper. The only effort he ever made to move was to shake his head from side to side looking to nurse in the middle of the night. Until very recently that is.

His new found desire to move everywhere all the time has finally made its way into his night time routine. At three in the morning, I woke up to a bright eyed baby sitting up in bed, ready to play. He spent the next hour crawling all over, head butting and kicking me in the process. He had no intention of going back to sleep, so I took him to his crib and tried (unsuccessfully) to get some sleep myself. Fifteen minutes later he was crying for me. At which point he relented and collapsed into a deep slumber beside me.

Did your baby’s sleep habits change when they became mobile? Any tips for keeping a mobile baby down for the night?

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