Behold: Avery the Growling Baby (VIDEO)


Just when I thought that Avery couldn’t impress me with her tricks anymore this week, she has officially pulled out all of the stops with her latest. I’ve noticed for a while now that whenever Avery gets really excited or wants to get your attention she lets out a grunting and yelling noise. As soon as she sees me pull out her food to eat, she starts yelling as if I need to hurry up and feed her right away. She also does this when I tell her that it’s time for milk and I don’t get my top down quick enough to nurse her.

She’s usually a very patient baby, but when it comes to eating, she has a very short fuse. This morning, as I was pulling out her yogurt, I was shocked to learn that her grunting noise has now turned into a full on growling noise. But not only has she saved that noise for when she is hungry, it is now done all the time.

On the way to pick up my oldest from preschool today, Avery starts to make the noise in her stroller and laughing at herself. I was growing quite amused by her antics and started growling back at her. She continued to laugh and then we began to play her new favorite game or growling back and forth at one another. Now I’ve been stuck playing it all afternoon. I’ve even got Harlan in on it too. Doesn’t take much to entertain us around this house anymore.

I honestly don’t know where Avery learned her new glorious (to her) sound, but the fact that she is doing it all the time tells me that it’s not ending anytime soon.

Check out this growling girl in action after the jump!


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