Best Baby Toy Ever

This. Right Here.

When y’all are going nutter-futters shopping around for gifts for your babes this holiday season, remember this: boxes, toilet paper roles and squirt bottles will get you in for the win.

That’s right, you heard me — squirt bottles. In case you haven’t seen this video, it went viral a while ago, as you will soon discover why. It made me laugh till I nearly peed. This could also have something to do with the fact that I am exhausted and it doesn’t take much to amuse the very few brain cells I have left at this moment; no matter.




In other news … I hand-expressed 6 ounces of breast milk this weekend people. 6 OUNCES. BY HAND. Now that’s commitment. May not sound like a lot … but by hand? Seriously. This is what happens when a work-traveling mama forgets her pump. Oy vey. I was going to take a picture and then I forgot. Bad blogger. Bad. I’ve also started Domperidone and it seems to be doing some good. More than everything else I’ve tried for increasing my supply. This is for those of you who asked me to keep you informed of my Breastfeeding Woes.

As you were.

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