Oh Beyoncé and Her 2,200 Square Foot Nursery

Beyonce Knowles
Beyoncé Knowles and husband Jay-Z are expecting their first baby.

Oh NO she isn’t! According to US Weekly, yes she is.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z — two people who know how to live life LARGE — are building a 2,200 square foot nursery for their first child, rumored to be due in February.

2,200 square feet is about the average amount of living space in a family home, according to the Census Bureau.

That’s a mighty big area for one little baby. That being said, I understand spoiling your first baby. 

I did it.

Our first baby, a girl, had outfits that she outgrew before she could wear. A hair bow for each day, and anything new that looked appealing that the baby industry could sell us (since having our first, we’ve learned that money doesn’t buy a baby’s love!).

But 2,200 square feet? I sure hope that if I had the dough to do that, that I wouldn’t be that extravagant.

I mean, my kid gets 220 square feet, and their kid gets 2,200 square feet. Lord knows that Beyoncé and Jay Z make more along the lines of 100x more than this household. Maybe that 2,200 isn’t so obnoxious after all.


To each their own. If you got the money, honey, enjoy — just please make sure your baby is a good person. Because, att the end of the day, it’s not how big your crib is. It’s what kind of person your child will become.

Note to my baby:

Sorry, Zeke — that’s not how your Mommy rolls anymore. You, our dear fourth child, well … we spent $350 on your nursery. And no. Beyoncé can’t adopt you.

Image source: Greg Gorman

Did You Spoil Your First Baby?


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