Big Brother for Baby: Are You Using a Monitor? Which One?

If no one hears baby crying, is he sleeping through the night? I kid.

When my second baby was a few months old, I gave up on the monitor. We had moved into our new house and the nursery was clear on the other side of Texas it seemed. The interference was too much. Rather than the gentle coo’s of my baby girl, I heard snap, crackle, pop all night. I tried another $100 monitor, same story. I gave up on the monitor and it seemed to work ok. I mean, I think I heard her when she woke up? But with Gordon, I’m waking up to him in a full wail. Either he is quick to scream or (eek!) I’m not waking up until he is REALLY mad, and that makes me nervous. Mama IS tired these days after all.

I see a lot of these fancy new long-distance zero interference monitors on the market but I’m not sure how to navigate the options. Do you have a monitor that bridges a long distance to baby? What works for you? And could you ever have imagined not using a monitor for baby #1? I couldn’t. Poor #3’s.

Shown in photo: Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor