Black Friday Starts Early: 60% off Baby Gap (& Everything Else)

Intarsia animal one piece. 23.97!

With free shipping on orders over 50 bones. That’s right…heavenly Xmas shopping opportunities right here. For Canadian, U.S. and International residents. For me? That’s an irresistible deal. I like ridiculous sales.

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday business has me thinking I just may get all of my Holiday shopping done this weekend.

Not all at the GAP, of course. But wowzers, there is money to be saved people! During the spendiest time of year, no matter how much some of us try not to.

I’m behaving and getting this for Lil’ Abner, because BEARS and this for Wyndham, because ELBOW PATCHES. Still browsing for a piece each for the nieces and nephews.

Ends Saturday, 11/26.

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