Body Check-In Part II- Getting Down To Business

Slim belly
Not my belly.

It figures I’d pick the day of the hurricane to get motivated about my fitness routine.  I can’t go running today. Well, I guess I could, but I’m just not that kind of hardcore.  In my last post I mentioned I had Diastasis Recti with both pregnancies. My doctor told me it would repair itself. After my first pregnancy, it did. Or so I thought it repaired itself.  As it turns out, my (only once weekly) postpartum yoga class helped greatly.

This time around, the class I took last time didn’t exist, and I didn’t get around to finding another one that was as good or fit in my schedule. I wish I had, because now I have a lot of work to do.

I can feel that my abdominal muscles are still separated, and according to one of my commenters, I need to do focused work on my Transverse Abdominal Muscles, or TvA muscles BEFORE I start trying to do any kind of curls or sit-ups.

Well, sort of too late. I haven’t done too much abdominal work, but sometimes when I get up from lying down I do sort of a sit-up, instead of the ‘log roll’ which I was more conscious about doing last time around.  It’s amazing how I’ve forgotten from one pregnancy to the next what I did and what worked for me. It’s easy to slack on your own needs when you’re running after two kids.

I’ve just ordered the DVD from the BeFit-Mom site and sent to my Los Angeles address. Hopefully it will be there when I get home next week.  It seems like exactly what I might need, in addition to getting back into a PP yoga class. Looking forward to getting started. I’ll update everyone over on Toddler Times! In the meantime, no sit-ups for me!

Incidentally, Babble posted a slideshow on Getting In Shape After Baby. I would say that taking your time and listening to your body are of utmost importance. Patience is key. Slide number 4 talks about exercising your core, but before you jump into a pilates class, I would recommend checking out your own needs and doing a little research .

Photo Credit: Helga Weber/Flickr

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