I Want YOU! To Donate Your Breast Milk!


Last week I shared my experience with supplemental donor breast milk here at Babble.  After all of the difficulties I’ve had with breast feeding my little one, I’ve been beyond blessed by the kindness of a stranger (now a friend!) who donated milk to Fern and I.

I received many comments on the post from women on both sides of the coin – those who had been breast milk donors and those who had been breast milk recipients.  I also received many comments from women with milk oversupply who were more than happy to share the wealth with other mamas, but weren’t sure how to do so.

I was lucky enough to be connected with my breast milk donor through my midwife, but others aren’t so fortunate and milk banks are expensive, so what’s a mama-in-need to do?

Well, some mamas in-the-know let me know just how you can get connected with a milk sharing network, so if you’re interested in donating or receiving breast milk, check it out after the jump!

Human Milk 4 Human Babies (HM4HB) is a wonderful global organization that connects milk mamas with those mamas and babies who need milk.  This is their vision:

“HM4HB is a global milksharing network, a virtual village, comprising thousands of people from over fifty countries. We are mothers, fathers, adoptive families, grandparents, childbirth and breastfeeding professionals, volunteers, supporters, donors, and recipients that have come together to support the simple idea that all babies and children have the right to receive human milk. We use social media as a platform for local families to make real-life connections and come together as sustainable milksharing communities where women graciously share their breastmilk. HM4HB is built on the principle of informed choice: we trust, honour, and value the autonomy of families and we assert they are capable of weighing the benefits and risks of milksharing in order to make choices that are best for them. We hold the space for them and protect their right to do what is normal, healthy, and ecological.”

If this sounds like something that you’re interested in being a part of, please check out their website and Facebook page to get connected and learn how you can provide or receive human milk for human babies!


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