Breastfeeding A Feral Cat

The “Physical Eater”

I’m nearly done breastfeeding now. I’ll feed him at night or early in the morning but during the day, Henry is pretty much a formula guy now.

He’s all good with it because, man, the kid is just a tank. He eats A LOT.

Tonight he was fussy around bedtime so I decided to nurse him to calm him down and I’d forgotten how fidgety he is while breastfeeding. Like he’s in a boxing match with my boob while jogging in place. Seriously! It’s like I’m trying to force myself on a feral cat.

At one point he was hardcore groping me while kicking his legs like an Olympic swimmer, so I motioned for Serge to check him out. Serge laughed and said, “Yeah, he’s a real physical eater, that one.” The term struck my funny bone: Physical Eater. I got this mental image of some dude running a marathon while trying to jam a six foot sub down his gullet.  But that’s what Henry is, a Physical Eater, particularly when you throw a boob his way. He’s not as physical with a bottle which is actually one of the nicer aspects of weaning – he’s snuggling a lot more.

The whole “Physical Eater” observation got me to wondering if that’s normal or if my kid is just real psyched about breastfeeding? What is your baby like when breastfeeding? Does your baby cuddle or get physical?

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